Memphis Abstract Art 101 Workshop with Hillary Butler

I have some workshops coming up around the corner!! Abstract 101 is really popular and fills up really fast. As of today, we only have 4 spots left. Come join us!! Scroll down for FAQ’s!!

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Abstract 101    |    Level 1   

Saturday October 6, 2018 9 am- 12 pm  |     Limited to 12
Morning Workshop for those looking to learn the foundations of Abstract Art- beginner level.


Ever see an abstract art piece on Pinterest and think," I could totally do that!" only to end up with a huge mess on your kitchen table? You aren't alone! Abstract art is harder than it looks and I'm here to guide you through painting your own original composition and  each attendee will leave class with their own 12"x 12" painting.  This is a beginner level class; no painting experience is required. Grab a friend or come on your own and join us
 for a really fun workshop and beautiful event that you'll be talking about for months to come!


Class includes:

Cocktail mingle
All art supplies-
 Art starter kit swag bag
Snacks and beverages

COST: $225

While we paint, we can discuss any burning questions you have about the art world!


I hear this question so much:
"What do I paint next?"

"I look at my canvas and panic a little as to what to paint next." That was me back in the day. I used to stare at a blank canvas and get a little sweaty. I was so worried that my work would never be consistent. I bounced around from idea to idea depending on which new artist was inspiring me that day. I knew I had the skills, but my work lacked that edge it needed to have that trademark "Hillary Butler" look. It took me years to finally get to the place I saw myself when I first set out to paint professionally.

At the Abstract 101 Workshop, we're figuring out how to create a painting from scratch. No more looking at other artist's work or Pinterest or random Google searches and to figure out what to paint today. Learn the basic building blocks that it takes to create a beautiful piece of art that is original to you!

We'll be getting messy and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. It will be a guided playzone- a place to experiment and collaborate with fellow artists. No one has to buy these pieces, no one has to see them. You don't have to post them on Insta unless you really want to!

I don't have any painting experience. Can I still come?
Yes! This is a beginner level class. No experience needed to join in!

I've had painting experience, but I want to learn how to paint an Abstract style. Is this for me?
Yes! Experienced painters of all levels, come learn abstract skills,  I’ve had so many different levels of attendees come and learn so much. 

Is this free paint time or will you be showing us what to do?

The Abstract 101 Workshop is packed with lots of instruction and hands on learning on the go. As I teach, I guide attendees through the exercises. Each exercise builds on the last one to help you create an original composition from scratch. I lead you through and walk around and help everyone. I don’t leave anyone hanging!  

Why in person workshops?
Why don't you offer this online?

Great question. 2 reasons.
There was a girl I went to art school with named Stacy who always showed up with a project 1,000 x's better than mine. No matter how hard I worked, hers was always mic drop amazing. It made me a little mad, but mainly it made me want to KICK HER BUTT with my next project. Being physically next to her pushed me. I could see her process and could ask her questions and learn some techniques from her. That's why I want us all in the same room. Because of Stacy. I want us to collaborate, to grow together, to walk away with a new friend that we can text and ask, what does this piece need? 


My number one goal at Abstract 201 Workshop is for you to feel seen, heard, and loved on. Our work as creatives can be so isolating and the community aspect of in person workshops is one of the most beautiful parts! It brings me so much joy to see attendees exchanging number, sharing resources, asking each other questions and realizing that at the end of the day, we're all working through the same things. I want to see your face and give you a hug and hear how your business is doing. Y'all hear me talking about sitting around a table together and this is what we get to do! You can't share a beautiful converations and cocktail mingles online. It's just best done in person!

How many seats are left?
Only 4!! One of these has your name on it!