Do You Ever Get Really Excited About Dorky Little Things?


I’ve probably been around paint fumes too long this week... I have this golden little system of taping and tacking up paper pieces to achieve the most perfect straight edges. David got to witness me taking tape off a big piece last night and I was so happy. I probably need to get out more. Do you ever get really excited about dorky little things that you have conquered in your job? I see you color coded file folder people out there. I see you.
Img ny The Kenneys

Did I Just Drink From My Coffee Cup or My Paint Cup?


What do I love so much about this job? So many things. The way it smells when I walk in the studio. The endless amount of color combinations. The textures of dried paint and torn paper and art supplies everywhere! The way my hands automatically know what to do each day. Also some unexpected joys- stepping on thumb tacks with bare feet (they blend into my studio rug- yay), finding my 3 year old’s painted hand prints, never seeing his hands dirty, the thrill of wondering “did I just drink from my coffee cup or my paint cup?”. The wonders. They never cease. This job y’all. It’s the best. Img The Kenneys

Under $100 Event


Every Year, I host two Under 100 Events. This allows me to offer artwork at an introductory collector’s price point. The first one was in February and the second one will be in August. Mark those calendars!

The mailing list gets first dibs and has cleaned me out before I can list these live. If you’re interested in some smaller affordable art, join my insiders squad !

Sizes shown: too 6”x6”, middle 10”x10”, bottom 12”x12”.

A Paint Palette with Stories


I’ve had this paint palette for almost 20 years now. Yikes. It hurts to say that. It’s covered in layers and layers of crusty paint chunks and is truly like an old friend. A lot of things in life change and I’m a big fan of change, but sometimes it’s nice to have some things that are constant in life and in the studio, like my trusty tools and palette. We have so many more miles to travel together, this palette and I !

Pretty Fun To Paint!


These lil’ puppies are pretty fun to paint. Love me some painting on paper. It soaks in the paint so much differently than canvas and shows off the colors so vibrantly. It’s amazing what a change of medium does to mix it up in the studio!

In the Studio - A Little Bit of My Process


Process. Ask any artist about their process behind their artwork and get ready to watch them totally geek out. I love talking about my artistic process- I use an old masters’ technique to develop my ideas- I call these studies. I flesh out new tons and tons of new ideas on smaller pieces of paper or canvas. I pick the ones that really speak to me and use those as my roadmap for my larger works. It’s really fun to be able to hammer out the basics on small scale and then translate that to some bold dramatic pieces.
Img @the_kenneys

Stretching To Do Some Different Things


The work got a lot bigger this year and I am stretching to do big things this time around. There are a lot of ladders and a looooot of extra paint. A lot of stretching. Stretching canvas, stretching arms, stretching myself to do some things in a new and exciting way. What a year. A new baby. A few new galleries. New clients. New experiences. Looking forward to so many things this upcoming year!

Img @the_kenneys

Pushing Layers and Translucency


Each year the work shifts a little. This year has been about pushing layers and translucency. As we change, the work we do has to change with us in order to keep our work authentic. It’s fun to look back and see the progress. Looking at a commission in the studio and this is my very favorite part. So many cool things are happening in this corner.

The Beginning of Each Piece


In the beginning, each piece starts as something quite amorphous. Strokes and swashes that may look like chaos, but I see the image inside the marble. It’s a gentle tug of war between letting the paint tell me what to do and me directing it. So many surprises lie in each new creation. My job is to find them and make them shine.

Img @the_kenneys

The Daily Artist Journey


The daily journey as an artist is not always predictable. Things change. Our work changes. It morphs and grows into something more and more like us the longer we practice it. We change. The work changes us. Children are born, time becomes more and more precious, the vision becomes clearer as to what we are and aren’t about. Black becomes white and then grey and then black again. The road has bumps- joyous days of breakthrough and dark days of resistance. The art becomes deeper. More thoughtful. It doesn’t get easier. We just get better at it. This is the daily artist journey. A striving to find the muse inside. So thankful @the_kenneys we’re able to come yesterday to capture the beauty of my studio days. The textures, the layers, the light, the colors - all of these elements captured so beautifully!! Most excitingly, I also got all my photos within 24 hours, so hit ‘em up, Memphis. When you work with the best, you get the best! 😉