Shredding Some Canvas!


Shredding some serious canvas with these babes today. These are the tools that keep the art flowing around here. They work hard. Really hard. They stay up late, they wake up early. They get left out and get dry and crusty. Then they get to soak in a soapy bath for the weekend - I call this the spa- they love it- and then they start it all over again the next week. Et’a hear it for the brushes, y’all. The unsung hero’s of the art!

Fruits of Today's Labors


The top left piece is the fruit of today’s labor. I really like how she turned out as a big girl. I always think where would I hang this in my house if she got to stay?? This one would definitely go over the sofa in my front room for that wow factor when you first walk in. 48”x 48” Oil on paper (canvas below is 36” x36” for reference).

Artist’s Dilemma


As far back as I can remember, when I laugh really hard, I lose muscle tension in my hands and I can’t grip anything for a while. It’s awesome. Taking notes in school was a bit of a challenge because laughing is kind of my favorite. Remember back in the olden days of the 90’s, all we had was pen and paper if you wanted to record anything for the future? Yeah, so I was kind of screwed. Strangely, it wasn’t until adulthood that I even thought to mention this to anyone. Doesn’t everyone lose the ability to use their hands after a good joke? No. They do not, Hillary. That condition is not normal. I later discovered that there is a medical term for this called cataplexy. Huh. It’s a thing.
No names mentioned, but the guy I’m married to thinks it’s funny to Make me laugh and then start pillow fights with me and watch me try to throw pillows back with my wrists. Someone probably needs to video this for posterity.
All that to say, there’s a little bit of a dilemma in the studio today... I decided to listen to stand up while I painted and I can’t feel my hands, but I don’t want to stop listening. Y’all. This is a real problem. There are artists who cannot use their hands because of poor podcast choices they have made throughout their day. I’m starting a foundation. Any cataplexy folks out there? We unite!

What It Takes To Make Great Art


What does it take to make great art? I think 3 things: hands that itch to create, eyes that see the world not as it is, but as it can be, and a mind that never stops dreaming, never stops seeing possibilities where others see dead ends. That and everything. It takes everything in you, but gives you so much more.
Img by The Kenney’s

the artist’s work life Juggle


Early hours are spent taking care of littles and hustling them out the door to childcare or our fun places on my off days. Middle of the days are for working. I race home, crank out as much as I can, and race to pick them up and catch up with friends in passing at MDO. Late afternoons are for making muffins and errands and dinner prep. Bedtime is for snuggles and one more story and lost pacis. A lot of evenings it’s back to the studio to work into the night as I enviously look in at sleeping babies. In between are workouts and coffees with girlfriends and bible study and snuck minutes on my phone to check email. And let’s be honest? A lot more Friday nights in because we can’t do all the things! It’s far from glamorous and it’s a juggle for sure, but I love every. single. moment. It’s the life I pictured 7 years ago when I quit my full time job to pursue this dream. It’s a life I’m proud of. It’s a life that hasn’t come easily, but has been so worth the journey. I look around and see so many of my friends doing the same thing- shifting hours when kids are sick and pulling off dinner while on conference calls. I think we’re uniquely designed to be able to switch between these worlds like it’s second nature. I was looking around at all the women in my workout class today thinking, wow- these women show up every day and kill it, doing this pregnant and post baby and all the stages in between. What strength! What a gift to be a woman. To encapsulate strength and brains and dignity and beauty. To give life and nurture those we are in community with. To the women making life happen today, my hat is off to you. You are holding up half the sky so beautifully.

Do You Ever Get Really Excited About Dorky Little Things?


I’ve probably been around paint fumes too long this week... I have this golden little system of taping and tacking up paper pieces to achieve the most perfect straight edges. David got to witness me taking tape off a big piece last night and I was so happy. I probably need to get out more. Do you ever get really excited about dorky little things that you have conquered in your job? I see you color coded file folder people out there. I see you.
Img ny The Kenneys

Did I Just Drink From My Coffee Cup or My Paint Cup?


What do I love so much about this job? So many things. The way it smells when I walk in the studio. The endless amount of color combinations. The textures of dried paint and torn paper and art supplies everywhere! The way my hands automatically know what to do each day. Also some unexpected joys- stepping on thumb tacks with bare feet (they blend into my studio rug- yay), finding my 3 year old’s painted hand prints, never seeing his hands dirty, the thrill of wondering “did I just drink from my coffee cup or my paint cup?”. The wonders. They never cease. This job y’all. It’s the best. Img The Kenneys

Under $100 Event


Every Year, I host two Under 100 Events. This allows me to offer artwork at an introductory collector’s price point. The first one was in February and the second one will be in August. Mark those calendars!

The mailing list gets first dibs and has cleaned me out before I can list these live. If you’re interested in some smaller affordable art, join my insiders squad !

Sizes shown: too 6”x6”, middle 10”x10”, bottom 12”x12”.

A Paint Palette with Stories


I’ve had this paint palette for almost 20 years now. Yikes. It hurts to say that. It’s covered in layers and layers of crusty paint chunks and is truly like an old friend. A lot of things in life change and I’m a big fan of change, but sometimes it’s nice to have some things that are constant in life and in the studio, like my trusty tools and palette. We have so many more miles to travel together, this palette and I !

Pretty Fun To Paint!


These lil’ puppies are pretty fun to paint. Love me some painting on paper. It soaks in the paint so much differently than canvas and shows off the colors so vibrantly. It’s amazing what a change of medium does to mix it up in the studio!