Memphis Abstract Art + Marketing Workshop with Hillary Butler

Art Biz Ladies, this one is for you!! Per your requests, I’ve been working on a special new workshop this year combining level 2 art techniques and a Marketing session!! Check out all the details below. Questions? Email me!

Abstract 201   |   Level 2  | Limited to 15 

Saturday October 20, 2018   9am-3 pm

This is a day workshop for practicing artists looking to connect with each other and learn the art of building a rock solid process that keeps your work consistent and takes your art and your business to the next level.


Basically I just created the workshop that I wanted to attend but could never find. Yep. I did- and I'm so excited about this!

Morning: Hands on Process Building Session 9am-12pm

We'll open up with a cocktail mingle and have a morning where we  get our hands messy making some art walking through process and experimenting with new ideas. I talk to so many practicing artists who feel stuck and ask where I get my ideas, how do they keep their work original, and keep fresh ideas coming? Well, sweat it no more! I've pulled together some great exercises and materials for a morning of digging deeper into the steps that it takes to build a process that works for you; a place where new concepts flow and lead to the next great idea. It's not complicated, but there really is an art to your artistic process! 


Afternoon: Heart to Heart Table Talk about Marketing 12 pm - 3 pm

Lunch will be catered in and we'll spend 12-3 pm having a cozy heart- to- heart table talk where we'll focus on Marketing and Sales. I'll be answering pre-submitted questions so I can give attendees tailored answers that speak to your specific needs! Marketing is my jam, y'all. I eat this stuff for breakfast and am excited to share all the juicy tidbits I've learned over the years. This will be a day where everyone feels loved on and connected and leaves with a deeper vision for their practice and the confidence to market a more successful art business.
Class includes:

Cocktail mingle
All art supplies-
Take home swag bag


COST $400

FAQ time!

I love hearing your questions! These are the most popular workshop questions. Are any of these your questions?

I hear this question so much:
"What do I paint next?"

"I look at my canvas and panic a little as to what to paint next." That was me back in the day. I used to stare at a blank canvas and get a little sweaty. I was so worried that my work would never be consistent. I bounced around from idea to idea depending on which new artist was inspiring me that day. I knew I had the skills, but my work lacked that edge it needed to have that trademark "Hillary Butler" look. It took me years to finally get to the place I saw myself when I first set out to paint professionally.

At the Abstract 201 Workshop, we're digging down into our process- that golden child that keeps those ideas consistently FLOWING! We'll be getting messy, we'll be moving, we'll be exploring new ideas and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. It will be a guided playzone- a place to experiment and collaborate with fellow artists. No one has to buy these pieces, no one has to see them. You don't have to post them on Insta (unless you really want to!). It's hard to give ourselves the time we need to stop our studio time (aka paycheck making time, amiright??) and explore new ideas. This workshop serves to play and discover that deep work that's inside of you that maybe you've been a little afraid to explore on your own.

Why in person workshops?
Why don't you offer this online?

Great question. 2 reasons.
There was a girl I went to art school with named Stacy who always showed up with a project 1,000 x's better than mine. No matter how hard I worked, hers was always mic drop amazing. It made me a little mad, but mainly it made me want to KICK HER BUTT with my next project. Being physically next to her pushed me. I could see her process and could ask her questions and learn some techniques from her. That's why I want us all in the same room. Because of Stacy. I want us to collaborate, to grow together, to walk away with a new friend that we can text and ask, what does this piece need? 


My number one goal at Abstract 201 Workshop is for you to feel seen, heard, and loved on. Our work as creatives can be so isolating and the community aspect of in person workshops is one of the most beautiful parts! It brings me so much joy to see attendees exchanging number, sharing resources, asking each other questions and realizing that at the end of the day, we're all working through the same things. I want to see your face and give you a hug and hear how your business is doing- you can't do that through a screen like you can in person.

How did you "make it?"
I get asked my story a lot.  Spoiler alert: It's not an overnight success story. I'll be sharing at the Abstract 201 Workshop how an art major turned English major turned English teacher turned admin assistant turned graphic designer turned into a professional artist.

What is the best "channel" (path to customers) you use to bring in customers? Is it your website,  Instagram and/or other social medias?
I'm happy to say that it's all of them! Instagram has been my best performing social media channel and this year I've been focusing on SEO (thank you Shanna for pointing out how important SEO is!) to drive more people to my site through Google searches and building my mailing list so I can speak directly to customers.

We'll be breaking all of these down at the Abstract 201 Workshop and getting into the nitty gritty of the most effective ways of getting your work in front of the right people!