HIllary Butler + Campbell Collective


Hey guys! I’m excited to be a part of Campbell Collective!! The Campbell Collective, a passion project headed by Marquin Campbell and Amanda Louise Campbell. In their words,

"The goal of the collection is for us to bring you an ever-changing curated collection of art and artists we love. Marquin is a fine artist herself who loves collaborating and connecting with other artists so she is working as the artist liaison, behind the scenes lady... and is proud to be showing with TCC. I, (Amanda Louise, the insta voice of this endeavor👋🏻) am an interior designer who has a passion for art, supporting artists, and integrating it into client’s homes. I will be acting as stylist, curator and voice of The Campbell Collective... and couldn’t be more jazzed about it. We chose two citrus slices as our logo because two things: 1) If you follow me you know that I’m a bit citrus obsessed, but mainly, 2) Citrus in artwork is traditionally a representation of social status – It’s our motto that everyone should have a slice of the pie (or orange) and have great art that they love! The Campbell Collective will begin featuring 7 artist’s works on paper- All in sizes that pop in ready made frames - taking out another obstacle of getting that art on your wall!

The paper collection at is live today!! Shop 7 artists' pieces- there’s so many cool artworks!

Img @lukewtcleland