The Daily Artist Journey


The daily journey as an artist is not always predictable. Things change. Our work changes. It morphs and grows into something more and more like us the longer we practice it. We change. The work changes us. Children are born, time becomes more and more precious, the vision becomes clearer as to what we are and aren’t about. Black becomes white and then grey and then black again. The road has bumps- joyous days of breakthrough and dark days of resistance. The art becomes deeper. More thoughtful. It doesn’t get easier. We just get better at it. This is the daily artist journey. A striving to find the muse inside. So thankful @the_kenneys we’re able to come yesterday to capture the beauty of my studio days. The textures, the layers, the light, the colors - all of these elements captured so beautifully!! Most excitingly, I also got all my photos within 24 hours, so hit ‘em up, Memphis. When you work with the best, you get the best! 😉