the artist’s work life Juggle


Early hours are spent taking care of littles and hustling them out the door to childcare or our fun places on my off days. Middle of the days are for working. I race home, crank out as much as I can, and race to pick them up and catch up with friends in passing at MDO. Late afternoons are for making muffins and errands and dinner prep. Bedtime is for snuggles and one more story and lost pacis. A lot of evenings it’s back to the studio to work into the night as I enviously look in at sleeping babies. In between are workouts and coffees with girlfriends and bible study and snuck minutes on my phone to check email. And let’s be honest? A lot more Friday nights in because we can’t do all the things! It’s far from glamorous and it’s a juggle for sure, but I love every. single. moment. It’s the life I pictured 7 years ago when I quit my full time job to pursue this dream. It’s a life I’m proud of. It’s a life that hasn’t come easily, but has been so worth the journey. I look around and see so many of my friends doing the same thing- shifting hours when kids are sick and pulling off dinner while on conference calls. I think we’re uniquely designed to be able to switch between these worlds like it’s second nature. I was looking around at all the women in my workout class today thinking, wow- these women show up every day and kill it, doing this pregnant and post baby and all the stages in between. What strength! What a gift to be a woman. To encapsulate strength and brains and dignity and beauty. To give life and nurture those we are in community with. To the women making life happen today, my hat is off to you. You are holding up half the sky so beautifully.