Artist’s Dilemma


As far back as I can remember, when I laugh really hard, I lose muscle tension in my hands and I can’t grip anything for a while. It’s awesome. Taking notes in school was a bit of a challenge because laughing is kind of my favorite. Remember back in the olden days of the 90’s, all we had was pen and paper if you wanted to record anything for the future? Yeah, so I was kind of screwed. Strangely, it wasn’t until adulthood that I even thought to mention this to anyone. Doesn’t everyone lose the ability to use their hands after a good joke? No. They do not, Hillary. That condition is not normal. I later discovered that there is a medical term for this called cataplexy. Huh. It’s a thing.
No names mentioned, but the guy I’m married to thinks it’s funny to Make me laugh and then start pillow fights with me and watch me try to throw pillows back with my wrists. Someone probably needs to video this for posterity.
All that to say, there’s a little bit of a dilemma in the studio today... I decided to listen to stand up while I painted and I can’t feel my hands, but I don’t want to stop listening. Y’all. This is a real problem. There are artists who cannot use their hands because of poor podcast choices they have made throughout their day. I’m starting a foundation. Any cataplexy folks out there? We unite!