"The Story of Cayenne" How a Select-A-Size Works


Projects are most fun when you get to work with friends, especially when they are working on something new- like a house! Holly and Jason contacted me as they were building their home and they wanted a piece over their new mantle as a pop of color to accent their very stylish den. Holly has a great eye for design and was able to envision this space and pull it all together as they were building. They chose to select-a- size from the available options on my site and in a few weeks, they had their painting, stress free, painted to order, and with a digital visual of exactly what they were getting before they committed to their purchase. Here's how it worked: 1.) They picked "Cayenne" but wanted to see what it would look like on their wall before making the final decision. 2.) I came out while the house was being finished and to show them what their painting would look like to scale on their wall using my tablet. Here's the image of what Holly and Jason saw when I was on site. We were able to assess size and colors so that Cayenne could be ready to hang as soon as they moved in! 3.) Holly and Jason added a frame ( a new add-on that I offer! ) to give it a little more accent and formal feel and they had their new piece in a few weeks ready for move in week! I have to give Holly mad props for having her house so in order after a week! This is how it was when I arrived and I was in awe!! Thank you Holly and Jason for letting me be a part of your new home- it was so fun working with you! Congrats on the new digs!

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