"Every Now and Then I Fall Apart" Available for one commission starting at $250


Available for one commission* in larger size of your choice: Also available in select paper sizes! Canvas option unless marked with (P) below. (P) connotates also available for paper commission or canvas commission. Pictured right as a 16" x 20", 30" x 30", & 36" x 36" for sizing reference. Console pictured under ptg mockups is 34" w x 43"h. 16" x 20" $250 (P) 20" x 20" $350 20" x 24" $450 (P) 22" x 28" (Paper Only) $500 24 x 24 $550 24"x30" $625 (P) 24" x 36", 30" x30" $710 30" x 40", 36" x 36" $850 36" x 48" $950 36" x 60" $1250 48" x 48" $1350 48" x 60" $1650 *The intent of smaller paintings is to cast a vision for larger commissioned pieces so that customers can customize an original piece to their desired size. In order to keep each piece unique, I sell one mini version and one larger version to the standard size of your choice. Once a larger size is commissioned, only the mini version will be for sale. Another painting can then be commissioned in the same color scheme, just not the same design. To order a piece in your desired size, select an option from the drop down menu. Shipping is an estimate, so check with me if you want an exact number on shipping. Otherwise, a shipping charge will be sent to you after purchase. Contact me for more custom painting options if you don't see the size you want or are interested in commissioning a custom piece, or would like to see this painting in the size of your choice mocked up on your very own wall! hillarybutlerfineart(at)gmail.com Please note: (2) ll's in Hillary :)

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