Custom Artwork


So you'd like to commission a custom piece. Great! I really enjoy working with clients on commission work! Art is an investment and I take your purchasing decisions very seriously! What I love about what I am am able to do for my clients is an extensive mockup/ visualization process so that you get the painting that is perfect for your space. There's no wasted time running around town buying and returning artwork that doesn't work for your space, and it removes all the guesswork of "will this work on my wall?" The process is as follows: 1.) Discuss the scope of the project (size, colors, subject matter). During this phase, you may wish for me to mock up a size rendering on your wall to determine how large you want your painting. 2.) Once we decide on a size, payment is needed to begin the artwork process. I set this up through the website and email you your custom link. 3.) I can work from pictures of the space and/ or color swatches. You get to pick 2 colors that you want in the painting, and I create a custom color palette to best compliment your space. 4.) I will work up a mock up picture for you, with an image of your potential painting scaled to your wall space. Alteration requests are made at this point and are emailed back to you. All changes are made at this stage. Any additional changes are $50 per additional mockup (Lots of time and care go into your one- of- a- kind mockup and drastic changes mean creating a different composition). 5.) Final paintings are painted at the requested sizes and delivered | shipped to client (All paintings come backed and ready to hang). 6.) EMAIL ME to get started! hillarybutlerfineart(at) PRICING: email me for pricing hillarybutlerfineart(at) I look forward to working with you on a special piece for your space!

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