Amalfi Series

When You're Here, You're Family.


8" x 11" oil on paper from the new Amalfi series. Our last night of the trip, we were in Anacapri and had one of the best dinners of the trip. It was just simple pasta and house wine, but it was the atmosphere that made it the best. We were surrounded by tables full of families and friends coming out of mass across the street and having dinner around us. You could feel the ease of this routine: church, family, dinner. It was intoxicating to see so many people just enjoying each other's company and breaking bread together. I wanted to stay there all night. When it came time to title this piece,  the only phrase that kept rolling through my brain was the Olive Garden slogan. Yes, the OG. When you're here, you really are family.  

  These pieces are part of an experimental series where I revisited representational work and played with different styles and techniques. So many hours and love and care have gone into each painting, capturing the dreamy island feel of the coast of Italy. Each piece is different and is part of my process to keep my work fresh and do the work that speaks to me. Will I do a series like this again soon? I'm not sure!! I just have to keep painting the images that keep me alive. Who knows what's coming next!

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